ANDTEK presents how manager/assistant services run on new IP phones 8900/9900

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Cisco Expo 2010

ANDTEK presents how manager/assistant services run on new IP phones 8900/9900

Munich/Hallbergmoos, October 13 – With immediate effect users of the latest Cisco IP phones of the “Unified IP Phones 8900/9900” series profit from all manager/assistant services.

The unified communications specialist ANDTEK GmbH will present these services at the Cisco Expo 2010. The Cisco Expo 2010 will take place in Berlin on December 1st and 2nd.

Manager/assistant services often being called IPMA (IP Manager Assistant) as well are of vital importance for corporate office environments. With the latest firmware update (9.0.4) these services can now also be used on the brand-new Cisco IP phones.

Additionally to the common standard solutions the use of manager/assistant services on IP phones offers important efficiency enhancing services.

Real-time Status Display

The current status of other phone users is displayed directly on the IP phone. The assistant has a perfect overview about internal and external calls handled at the moment and is informed whether a person is available, unavailable or has activated a call forwarding.

VIP Llists (Very Important Person)

By means of so-called VIP lists important persons can directly call a certain manager even if call forwarding is active. This is especially useful for manager who have redirected their phone most of the time. The VIP lists can either be organized directly on the manager’s phone or via the IP phone of the assistant.

Substitute Rules

By means of a simple service it is possible to define certain persons as substitues and active them via softkey. In case persons leave a group the calls will automatically be forwarded to the next IP phone available.

Control of Assistant Phone

Call forwarding as well as VIP lists can be managed directly via the assistant phone. A computer is not needed and users can control everything via the IP phone without leaving their workplace.

Integration with Computer

As on option it is also possible to integrate the manager/assistant services into computer workstations. In this case all functions can be handled directly via the computer as well. Advantage for the user: The graphical display of the computer offers larger group displays and more details about each status.

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ANDTEK GmbH, founded in the year 2000, is specialized in intelligent and custom-made unified communications applications and additional benefit services. The solutions developed and implemented by ANDTEK support companies of all areas of business in improving communication processes and open up innovative possibilities to use the IP telephony like for example voice recording, presence services or security applications. Among other things ANDTEK's IP communications solutions are predestined for finance companies, public service, health care, trade, industry and judiciary.

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