AND Phone Reporting allows to create extensive reports in the VoIP network in a quick and simple way.

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ANDTEK Reporting Tool

AND Phone Reporting allows to create extensive reports in the VoIP network in a quick and simple way.

Munich/Hallbergmoos, Germany, October 15, 2008AND Phone Reporting allows to create extensive reports in the VoIP network in a quick and simple way. This way the management always has an actual overview of its employees' communication conduct and gets important information about the data/voice traffic e.g. in case the data lines shall be extended. With the reporting tool it is possible to optimize IP infrastructures among other things in a call center as well.

AND Phone Reporting is based on Cisco's Unified Communications Manager. The Munich-based unified communications specialist ANDTEK's solution also bundles a full version of "Crystal Reports" being one of the most popular tools used to create reports.

Users can create extensive reports - even graphically - within a few minutes. Doing so the reports are created using various data sources (e.g. telephone calls, information about the voice quality, number of data packages lost, jitter height, etc.). Reports containing such information are extremely helpful to detect faults as well as to optimize an IP telephone network.

AND Phone Reporting supports predefined connections and templates like e.g. to the AND Phone Application Server database or the Call Detail Records (CDR) of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager. These con-nections allow monthly, weekly or daily reports. The reports can certainly be created automatically within certain periods as the user likes it as well in order to have access to reports at any time.

AND Phone Reporting allows call center operators using the service AND Phone Group ACD to create reports. For example reports whether agents are fully occupied, the number of incoming or accepted and lost telephone calls. This reporting is an important function to be able to judge the utilization and the quality of one's own hotline. AND Phone Group ACD is completely telephone-based - a CTI variant can be chosen as an option - and automatically distributes incoming calls in the call center to certain employees.

AND Phone Reporting is also predestined for the planning of new data lines e.g. between sites or for the expansion of data lines. The tool provides the information about the data/voice traffic in a clear graphic and tabular form.

ANDTEK GmbH, founded in the year 2000, is specialized in intelligent and custom-made unified com-munications applications and additional benefit services. The solutions developed and implemented by ANDTEK support companies of all areas of business in improving communication processes and open up innovative possibilities to use the IP telephony like for example voice recording, presence services or security applications. Among other things ANDTEK's IP communications solutions are predestined for finance companies, public service, health care, trade, industry and judiciary.

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