Court accepted recordings of phone conversations in global corporate net-works

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Voice Recording for Banking

Court accepted recordings of phone conversations in global corporate net-works

Munich/Hallbergmoos, Germany, May 05 – The Munich-based unified communications specialist ANDTEK presents the “AND Phone Recorder”, a software allowing users to record IP-based phone conversations (Voice over IP, VoIP), at the “Cisco Networkers 2008”, which takes place in Orlando/Florida from June 22 - 26 (booth 1156). Encrypted and protected from manipulation by a signature feature, the recorded conversations can be verified as originals and can be used as evidence in court, for instance when threatening calls have been made.

The solution is especially well equipped for complex and global corporate networks. Since the recorded conversations are not only duplicated to the stan-dard switches, but directly sent to the recorder server from any IP telephone. As a result, the configuration work that has to be performed by the administrator is significantly reduced.

This is especially beneficial for large corporations operating global sites. Thanks to this innovative recording method, they can now implement voice recording functions into complex corporate networks in a location-independent manner. Any IP phone conversation can now be recorded by a simple touch of a button. The system also works perfectly even if the employee does not activate the recording function until midway through the conversation. For instance, this function makes it possible to reconstruct the exact word-for-word conversation that took place during emergency calls.

The ability to verify a telephone conversation is indispensable for companies who have to record telephone conversations because of legal requirements (for instance in futures trading). Another advantage: Whenever disputes or misunderstandings have to be settled, the ideal proof is a recorded telephone conversation that is protected against manipulations of any kind. It provides the evidence required to verify the correctness of a statement.

In addition to voice recording, "AND Phone Recorder" provides a digital dictation device, which is integrated into the IP phone. It allows users to quickly record voice messages on the IP telephone. The audio recording is audible in premium sound quality and no additional sound medium is required.

Die ANDTEK GmbH, im Jahr 2000 gegründet, ist spezialisiert auf intelligente und kundenspezifische Unified-Communications-Anwendungen und -Mehrwertdienste. Die von ANDTEK entwickelten und implementierten Lösungen unterstützen Unternehmen branchenübergreifend bei der Verbesserung von Kommunikationsprozessen und eröffnen innovative Nutzungsmöglichkeiten der IP-Telefonie wie zum Beispiel Sprachaufzeichnung, Präsenzdienste oder Sicherheitsanwendungen. IP-Kommunikationslösungen von ANDTEK sind unter anderem prädestiniert für Finanzunternehmen, Öffentlichen Dienst, Gesundheitswesen, Handel, Industrie und das Rechtswesen.

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