ANDTEK provides IP-based applications for better customer relations, streamlined business processes and higher productivity

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Unified Communications makes financial sector ready for competition

ANDTEK provides IP-based applications for better customer relations, streamlined business processes and higher productivity

Munich/Hallbergmoos, 27 November 2012 – Recent studies and market research have clearly shown that if banks and insurance companies unify their communications processes through the integration of voice, web and video applications, they will offer better service which will win and keep customers' customers, devise more efficient business processes designed to increase productivity and reduce costs. ANDTEK GmbH uses a common Cisco platform to provide convergent and mobile solutions for multi-channel integration in financial services (voice/data communication, video surveillance and building security, voice recording, call centers with intelligent call distribution, and so forth).

Experts agree: unified communications has become the hot topic in the financial sector's ICT agenda. Research conducted by IDC has shown that unified communications (UC) has become the driving force in competition. UC increases employee satisfaction and the agility of business processes and is a great driver of innovation. More and more large corporations, including banks and insurance companies have already acquired an IP-based network infrastructure and are planning investment in UC servers, as reported in a recent study by Berlecon Research.

Insurance companies use unified communications applications from ANDTEK GmbH based on Cisco IP networking technology. Many banks also rely on Cisco IP technology, including the Sparkasse KölnBonn, Germany's largest municipal savings bank, the HypoVereinsbank and the Basler Kantonalbank.

Thanks to unified communications, the individual bank and insurance offices, call centers and headquarters are all now a single virtual entity. All business processes can be handled through a single communications platform. All employees, regardless of location have access to all relevant information about a customer and satisfy the customer's needs in a more efficient and improved manner. Conversely, the customer can reach bank or insurance company staff via a single phone number. This increases day-to-day productivity in a mobile business environment and leads to more streamlined processes, of benefit to all, but especially the customer.

ANDTEK's "Call Center" application offers a highly scalable call distribution software that optimize call routing and customer service with comprehensive reporting options. This UC is currently being used by many companies, including, for example, insurance companies with over 1,000 employees. The system allows centralized management of the entire customer service enterprise via a single platform.

The switchboard console solution "AND Desktop AC" is geared for large customer databases and CRM systems. The IP communications solution allows a complete overview of all telephone lines within the company and displays detailed information about a caller (on the IP phone or PC). Users can control their IP hone directly from any computer, search the company database and access company directories. Accelerated call processing improves customer service and speeds up internal coordination processes.

Many financial service providers are required by law to record telephone conversations. In futures trading, for example, the verifiability of a telephone call is essential. "AND Phone Recorder" not only records phone calls, but encrypts and signs them to protect them from tampering. Telephone calls are always recorded from the beginning, even if the employee only later activates recording. This function allows the reconstruction of the exact wording and can be used as evidence in court, if necessary.

About 90 percent of all German banks want to implement unified communications systems by next year to improve internal cooperation and customer service, while increasing cost efficiency.

Many companies are still at beginning stages of implementing UC solutions, reports Berlecon Rearch, but Roland Russwurm, CEO of UC specialist ANDTEK GmbH, warns against holding back: "If you hesitate too long and stick to your stand-alone solutions, you'll be frustrating your own staff and risking your customers' loyalty."

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