ANDTEK unified communications solutions improve corporate process chains

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Communication Improves Competitiveness

ANDTEK unified communications solutions improve corporate process chains

Munich / Hallbergmoos, June 20, 2012 – Not having IP communication within a company is throwing away money and is counterproductive. For example, callers do not want to have to wait long for their “calls to be answered in the order received”. Instead, they want speedy access to competent information. The Munich firm ANDTEK is offering unified communications solutions which promise greater efficiency, improve communication processes, and facilitate customer relations.

The majority of companies today are already using some form of unified communications – those that are not are considering its use, but see themselves up against various obstacles. ReRez Research shows that this quite often results in IP communication being put on the back burner in these companies.

This can lead to competitive disadvantages. Companies with a pure IP infrastructure can reduce their operating costs by up to 80 percent over traditional phone systems because every department connected to the corporate network can make calls for free, regardless of location. In addition, there are cost savings in administration and maintenance, since voice and data networks share a single infrastructure. For example: If a new IP phone line with additional services has to be set up, a skilled administrator might need up to 45 minutes to perform this routine task. With “AND Phone Provisioning”, an IP communications service from Munich-based unified communications specialist ANDTEK, this time is reduced to around 5 minutes.

This allows a functional workplace on the corporate network to be set up rapidly. Employees can simply take their devices (PC, cordless landline phone) to their new desk. No new installation to create access to corporate databases is necessary. This means maximum mobility and ultimately higher productivity. “Now more than ever, it’s vital to have a professional interface between communications infrastructure and business processes”, says Roland Russwurm, CEO of ANDTEK GmbH.

The unified communications firm includes in its portfolio a corporate switchboard application for companies that want to handle their calls multi-functionally and/or via PC. The IP communications solution provides a complete listing of all phone users within the company and provides detailed information about callers such as their customer number, order status, or the last time they made contact. Users can use the IP phones via their headsets and from any computer on the network make and receive calls, access the company database, and look up in address books. With a single search, the switchboard can simultaneously search in all data sources and immediately connect the caller directly to the right person. The accelerated processing of calls improves customer service and accelerates internal coordination processes.

Companies that would like adopt company-wide IP communications and integrate modern communication methods such as social media, video, and groupware should consider integrating the different basic services into an all-in-one solution, recommends ANDTEK’s Roland Russwurm. It makes sense to seek out a partner with demonstrated expertise in IP communications and who is committed to being at your side throughout the installation and and offering support afterward. In addition, says IP expert Russwurm, it is important to ensure that a company’s network has sufficient capacity and quality, which is much more than just the available bandwidth. It is also important to consider specific ways to control bandwidth allocation and delay times. For this reason, dynamic service quality management has to be set up across the network to reserve enough bandwidth for voice and video communications.

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