Generali Deutschland Informatik Services GmbH successfully implements a customised ANDTEK call distribution system

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“Contact Center” for full-service IT service providers

Generali Deutschland Informatik Services GmbH successfully implements a customised ANDTEK call distribution system

Munich/Hallbergmoos, 21st March 2012 – With the “Contact Center”, ANDTEK GmbH has a highly scalable call distribution system at its disposal, which automatically distributes incoming calls to the right agents. Using this solution, Generali Deutschland Informatik Services GmbH (GDIS) routes incoming calls to around 1,400 employees in 5 different sites.

The challenge

Generali Deutschland Informatik Services GmbH (GDIS) has over 1000 employees and a turnover of around 370 million euros, making it one of the leading developers of IT systems and one of the largest financial services groups in Germany. The teams in the Aachen and Hamburg sites guarantee the IT service for all affiliates of the Generali Deutschland Group. GDIS solutions connect over 40,000 people every day. The high-quality handling of phone calls at GDIS is therefore of the utmost importance for high customer satisfaction in the insurance services sector. Distributing calls to around 1,400 employees in 5 different sites requires a highly scalable, available system that can be administrated centrally.

The solution

ANDTEK’s “Contact Center” is a piece of software that can be integrated into existing IT environments. It handles incoming calls to the central number or collective line, and automatically distributes them to the right agents on the basis of specific algorithms. The so-called ANDTEK Application Server, which is connected over the network to the Cisco Unified Communication Manager, takes on the “Contact Center” functions in this process. Both components are centrally administered, i.e. directly via a web interface. The integration of several services into the ANDTEK Application Server makes administration simpler and reduces the training period required to manage different services. Combining a number of different systems and existing services in this way in turn enables considerably faster responses to new circumstances, such as expansion and system management.

Maximum customer satisfaction

Depending on their qualifications, the agents operate in several division groups as the same time in order to ensure a distribution of the workload between the groups during periods when there are high call volumes. The agent sees the status of the other agents in his group (e.g. the number of employees logged in, the group’s availability rate, the number of callers in the queue) on his IP phone in real time.

Supervisor telephones can be integrated into the IP environment in order to supervise multiple groups and their workloads at the same time. Supervisors can also access additional services such as statistical information about agents, calls, or queues. For this purpose, “Contact Center” can be used not just as a phone-based system, but also as a CTI version that is integrated into the computers.

Flexible evaluation

Complex evaluation options are an important component of close analysis for the purpose of optimising call routing and customer services. With the aid of “Crystal Reports”, one of the most popular tools for drawing up reports, you can evaluate all agent records, for example, about agents’ workloads, the number of incoming calls, or received or missed calls. Incoming calls can also be evaluated according to team or department. The evaluations provide aggregate information; personal data are not used. “Contact Center” thus complies with the legal requirements.

The result

“ANDTEK’s Contact Center application was specifically designed for GDIS and meets all our requirements”, says Michael Gose, GDIS project manager for the introduction of “Contact Center”. Introducing the system has simplified the IT infrastructure and, according to Gose, provides the basis for operating successfully as a full-service IT service provider in the finance sector. The real-time information and evaluation options enable agents to respond faster and more flexibly, thus improving customer satisfaction.

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